A handy kitchen accessory, the Touchless Stainless Steel 11.1 Gallon Trash Can is a touch-free, hassle-free way to dispose of waste. Featuring infrared motion-sensor technology, this premium kitchen trash can allows you to open the lid simply with the wave of your hand. The sensor detects motion within 10 inches, and since it's located at the top of the trash can, the lid doesn't open whenever someone's nearby. Instead, motion must be above the sensor in order to activate it. The firm-fitting lid helps ensure odors remain inside, while the liner ring holds trash bags securely in place. It's constructed of durable stainless-steel for easy clean-up, as well as protection from rust and water damage. This trash can operates on four D batteries and can be opened and closed a minimum of 10,000 times before needing battery replacement.
  • Dimensions: 14.6L x 10.4W x 27H inches
  • 11.1-gallon gray stainless steel
  • Hands-free touchless operation
  • Motion-sensor activated opening and closing system

11.1 Gallon Kitchen Infrared Touchless Automatic Motion Sensor Lid Open Trash


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